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Immortality is the concept of living forever or having an infinite lifespan. It is a concept that has intrigued mankind throughout the centuries and has been a subject of many myths and legends. Examples of immortals include the gods of ancient Greek and Roman mythology, such as Zeus and Apollo, and characters in various works of fiction, such as Dracula and the Highlander. Immortality can be thought of in two ways: biological and spiritual. Biological immortality refers to the idea that through scientific and medical advances, humans can extend their lifespans indefinitely. This concept is the basis for a number of potential treatments for aging, such as gene therapy, stem cell therapy, and cryonics. Spiritual immortality, on the other hand, refers to the belief that one’s soul will live on after death, either in an eternal afterlife or through reincarnation. An analogy for immortality is a candle burning in the wind. Just as the flame of a candle can flicker and remain lit even in the face of strong winds, so too can the concept of immortality remain strong despite the passage of time and the inevitability of death. A fun fact about immortality is that scientists in the field of cryogenics have proposed that humans could be frozen and revived at a later point in time, effectively making them immortal. This process has yet to be perfected and has only been successfully tested on animals, but it is still a fascinating concept.