Really Dumb



HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language. It is a computer language used to create websites. Think of HTML like a set of instructions that tell a computer how to display a website. Every website you see online is made up of HTML code. An example of HTML is when you want to make bold text. You would use the HTML tag before the text you want to make bold, and then the tag after the text. This tells the computer to make that piece of text bold. You can also use HTML to embed videos, images, or audio files. For example, if you wanted to embed a video from YouTube, you would use HTML to add the link to the video into your website. HTML is used by almost every website on the internet. According to W3Techs, 92.2% of all websites use HTML. Fun Fact: HTML was created in 1990 by Tim Berners-Lee, who is now the director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).