how to use linux utilization in AI more thory.


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how to use linux utilization in AI more thory.
Sure! So, think of Linux like a special tool that can help make a computer smarter and better at learning things, kind of like a superhero sidekick. And AI stands for artificial intelligence, which is when a computer can think and learn on its own. Using Linux in AI means that we can use this tool to help computers learn and make decisions faster and more efficiently. For example, if we want a computer to recognize different types of animals in pictures, we can use Linux to help it analyze the images and learn from them. One cool fact is that Linux is actually used in a lot of AI research and development because it’s really good at handling lots of data and complex calculations. In fact, about 90% of the world’s supercomputers run on Linux! So, imagine if you had a really smart robot friend who could learn and adapt to new situations quickly – that’s kind of like how using Linux in AI can help computers become more intelligent and helpful.