How does a quantum computer work?


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How does a quantum computer work?
A quantum computer is a type of computer that uses quantum bits (qubits) instead of binary bits (ones and zeroes) to process information. It can process information much faster than a regular computer because qubits can be in more than just the two states of one and zero. Instead, they can also be in a mix of both the one and zero state at the same time. This is called superposition. Think of it like a coin flip. In regular computers, the coin can only be either heads or tails. But in a quantum computer, the coin can be heads and tails at the same time. This makes it much faster at solving complex problems. It’s like having two people pick out a coin from a bag of coins. One person can only pick out one coin at a time, but if two people are picking, they can pick out two coins at the same time. That’s how a quantum computer works. Fun Fact: The world’s first quantum computer was built in 1998 by researchers at the University of Oxford.