how do ISO standards benefit the world?


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how do ISO standards benefit the world?
ISO standards are rules and guidelines that help make sure products and services are safe, reliable, and of good quality. The standards help make sure that products are consistent and meet certain criteria, like safety and efficiency. For example, ISO standards require car manufacturers to make sure their car brakes are reliable, and that they meet certain safety requirements. ISO standards also help make sure that different countries are following the same rules, so they can trust each other and work together on projects more easily. For example, two countries can both know that if they use the same ISO standards, they will be able to trust each other’s products. ISO standards can also help create a level playing field for businesses. Companies can trust that their competitors are all following the same standards, so they know they won’t be put at a disadvantage. The world benefits from ISO standards because they help protect people and make sure products are safe. They also help make sure different countries can trust each other and work together. Finally, they also help make sure that companies can compete on an even playing field. Fun Fact: The first ISO standard was released in 1947!