how do I write a react app with stripe integration


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how do I write a react app with stripe integration
Writing a React app with Stripe integration means using Stripe to collect payments from customers in your React app. To do this, you would need to include the Stripe payment library in your React app. This will enable customers to enter their payment details securely within the app. You would then use the Stripe API to process the payments and send the customer a receipt. An example of this in action would be an online store where customers can buy products. When they click the ‘Buy Now’ button, they would be redirected to a payment page that is powered by Stripe. The customer would then enter their payment details, and once the payment is processed, a receipt would be sent to them. It’s also worth noting that Stripe is PCI compliant, meaning that all customer payment data is encrypted, making it safe and secure for customers to make payments. Fun fact: Stripe was founded in 2011 and is now used by millions of businesses worldwide.