how computer works


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how computer works
A computer is a machine that can think and solve problems. It takes in information and follows instructions to turn that information into something useful. To understand how a computer works, let’s use an analogy. Imagine that a computer is like a person. A person can take in information, like a book or a movie, and use that information to make decisions. A computer is the same. It takes in information, like the words you type on the keyboard, and uses that information to do something. For example, when you type something into a search engine, like Google, the computer takes the words you type, looks up the information in its memory, and then gives you the results. It’s like a person looking up a book in the library or asking a friend for help. Another way computers work is by using math. Computers use math to solve problems, like figuring out the best route for a car to take from one place to another. Computers can also store information and remember it for later. Fun Fact: In the 1950s, the first computer took up an entire room and used vacuum tubes to process information. Today, computers are much smaller and use tiny transistors.