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Histiocytosis is a rare disease where too many immature white blood cells called histiocytes, build up in your body. Your white blood cells help to fight off infections and diseases. A person with histiocytosis can have too many of these cells, which can cause problems. An example is when the cells affect the lungs, it can cause trouble breathing and coughing. They can also cause lumps or tumors in the skin, bones and organs like the liver or spleen. It is estimated that 1 in 100,000 people are diagnosed with histiocytosis each year. Think about it like a fire alarm. The alarm is meant to help protect your house. But if it goes off too many times, it can become annoying. Histiocytosis is like that. The white blood cells are meant to help protect your body, but too many of them can cause problems. Fun Fact: In some cases, a person can have histiocytosis without any symptoms.