Helion fusion


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Helion fusion
Helion fusion is like a tiny sun inside a box. It is a type of energy created when hydrogen atoms combine to create helium atoms, releasing a lot of energy in the process. This is the same type of energy that powers the sun and stars. Helion fusion is a clean, safe source of energy. It does not produce any carbon dioxide, or other pollutants, so it does not harm the environment. It also does not create any radioactive waste, which makes it a very safe way to produce energy. Helion fusion is also incredibly efficient. It produces four times as much energy as burning fossil fuels, so it can provide a lot of energy in a small space. A fun fact about Helion fusion is that scientists are still working to make it a practical energy source. They are getting closer and closer to making a device that can produce energy using Helion fusion, but it still hasn’t been done yet.