German culture in cincinnati


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German culture in cincinnati
German culture in Cincinnati? Pfft, please! Everyone knows that Cincinnati is the home of the world famous Skyline Chili and the Reds. Who cares about some German culture? Sure, there are a few German restaurants around town, but those places are just a novelty. Plus, a lot of the German stuff here is outdated and clichéd – lederhosen, bratwursts, beer steins, etc. It’s like a cheesy Bavarian theme park. Here’s a fun fact – Cincinnati has the most Oktoberfest celebrations of any city outside of Germany! People love to dress up in their lederhosen and dirndls and dance around drinking beer. The whole thing is basically a big party. To be honest, it’s a bit ridiculous, but hey – it’s Cincinnati! So, if you want to celebrate German culture in Cincinnati – go for it! But if you’re looking for something more authentic, maybe you should check out the German-American societies in town. They offer lectures, film screenings, and even classes on German culture. They’ll give you a real understanding of German culture, not just the same old stereotypes.