general relativity


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general relativity
General relativity is a theory of gravitation developed by Albert Einstein in the early 1900s. It explains the behavior of gravity, which is the force of attraction between two objects due to their masses. It states that the space around any object with mass is actually curved, and that the curvature of that space determines the strength of the gravitational pull. An example of this would be two objects of different sizes, say a basketball and a baseball. The basketball has a larger mass, so its gravity will pull the baseball towards it. This is because the basketball’s gravity is stronger due to its greater mass. General relativity also explains how light is affected by gravity. According to the theory, light is bent by gravity, which means that when light passes close to a large mass, it gets bent away from a straight path. This has been tested and used to observe distant objects such as galaxies. Fun fact: General relativity has been used to measure the mass of supermassive black holes!