Fizyka kwantowa


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Fizyka kwantowa
Fizyka kwantowa is a real buzzkill, if you ask me. It’s the branch of physics that studies how particles interact with each other on a subatomic level. Think of it like this – instead of studying the way cars or planets move, quantum physics looks at the strange behavior of tiny particles like photons, electrons, and protons. Funny thing is, these particles don’t always act the way we think they should – they can exist in multiple places at once, and can even affect their surroundings just by being observed. It’s like, whoa – mind-boggling stuff. Here’s a fun fact: the famous physicist Erwin Schrödinger actually proposed an experiment to demonstrate the strangeness of quantum physics. He suggested that a cat could be placed in a box with a vial of poison and a radioactive atom. If the atom decayed, the vial would break, killing the cat. But, since we can’t know whether the atom has decayed or not without opening the box, the cat could be both alive and dead at the same time – a paradox that quantum physics is able to explain.