fighting game neutral


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fighting game neutral
A fighting game neutral is when two players in a fighting game are in a neutral situation. This means that neither player has any advantage over the other. It’s like two people standing back to back in the middle of a room, both evenly matched and ready to fight. For example, in the game Super Smash Bros, two players might be in a neutral situation when they start the game. Neither player has any stocks or damage, and they are both standing on a level playing field. An analogy for this would be two boxers in the ring at the start of a fight. Neither boxer has thrown any punches yet, and each of them is in an equal position. A fun fact about fighting game neutrals is that some players practice these neutral situations more than others. This can give them an advantage over their opponents, so even though the players are in a neutral situation, one may be more familiar with it than the other.