Factor responsible for land subsidence


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Factor responsible for land subsidence
Land subsidence is when the ground sinks or caves in because of certain factors. One of the main factors responsible for land subsidence is the extraction of groundwater. When people use too much water from underground sources, it can make the ground sink down. For example, in some cities, like Mexico City, people use a lot of water from the ground for drinking, bathing, and watering crops. This causes the ground to sink, which can lead to buildings and roads getting damaged. In fact, in Mexico City, the ground has sunk more than 30 feet in some areas because of excessive groundwater extraction. This has caused buildings to tilt and crack, making them unsafe for people to live in. To understand this better, think of a balloon filled with water. If you poke a hole in the balloon and let the water out too quickly, the balloon will shrink and collapse. This is similar to how land subsidence happens when too much water is taken out of the ground too quickly. One verifiable fact is that land subsidence is a big problem in many parts of the world, especially in areas where there is a high demand for water and where groundwater is heavily extracted. Scientists and engineers are working on ways to prevent or mitigate land subsidence to protect communities and infrastructure.