Explica’m el cicle de l’aigua en català


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Explica’m el cicle de l’aigua en català
“Explica’m el cicle de l’aigua en català” means “Explain the water cycle to me in Catalan.” Imagine the water cycle as a big circle that keeps repeating over and over again. The water cycle is the process of how water moves around the Earth, changing from liquid to gas to solid and back again. Here’s an example: When the sun heats up water in a river or a lake, some of it turns into water vapor, which rises into the sky. This is called evaporation. Once the water vapor is in the sky, it cools down and forms clouds. When the clouds get heavy with water droplets, they release the water in the form of rain, snow, sleet, or hail. This is called precipitation. The rain or snow falls back to the ground, filling up rivers, lakes, and oceans. Some of it seeps into the ground and becomes groundwater. This is called infiltration. Here’s a fun fact: Did you know that the water you drink today could have once been part of a dinosaur’s bath or a pirate’s ship? That’s because water is constantly being recycled through the water cycle. So, the water cycle is important because it helps keep the Earth’s water supply clean and fresh for us to use every day.