Explain the role of opposition in Indian politics


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Explain the role of opposition in Indian politics
Opposition in Indian politics is like having a team that plays against the main team in a sports match. Just like how in a cricket match, there are two teams playing against each other, in Indian politics, there are different political parties that oppose the ruling party. The role of opposition in Indian politics is to keep the ruling party in check and hold them accountable for their actions. They question the decisions made by the ruling party and offer alternative solutions. This helps in ensuring that the government is transparent and works in the best interest of the people. For example, the Indian National Congress is the main opposition party in India and they often criticize the policies of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party. This kind of healthy opposition is important for a democracy to function properly. One verifiable fact is that the Indian Parliament has a designated Leader of Opposition, who is the leader of the largest party in opposition. This position is important as it gives the opposition a voice in the decision-making process.