explain general relativity


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explain general relativity
General relativity is a scientific theory that explains how gravity works. It was discovered by Albert Einstein in 1915. Gravity is a force that pulls objects towards each other. For example, when you throw a ball up in the air, it comes back down to the ground because of the force of gravity. General relativity explains that gravity is not just a force, but that it is a result of objects bending space and time. This means that the more mass an object has, the more it bends space and time around it. So, when you throw a ball, the ball is actually following a curved path that has been created by the mass of the Earth. An example of this is the idea of a black hole. A black hole is an object with so much mass that it bends space and time so much that nothing can escape it, including light. Another example is the GPS system. GPS satellites need to use General Relativity to be able to tell where you are. This is because the satellites are so far away from the Earth that they need to take into account the way the mass of the Earth is bending space and time to accurately calculate your location. Fun Fact: General relativity is one of the most precise theories ever created. It has been confirmed by experiments to be accurate within one part in 10 million!