Explain dialysis


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Explain dialysis
Dialysis is a treatment that helps people who have problems with their kidneys. Your kidneys are like filters in your body that help clean your blood and get rid of waste. Sometimes, people’s kidneys stop working properly, so they need help from a machine to clean their blood. Imagine your body is like a swimming pool. If the filter in the pool gets clogged, the water will get dirty and yucky. Dialysis is like using a special machine to clean the pool water and make it safe to swim in again. Here’s a cool fact: Did you know that over 2 million people around the world rely on dialysis to stay healthy? That’s a lot of people getting help from this important treatment! One example of dialysis is called hemodialysis, where a person’s blood is cleaned outside of their body and then pumped back in. Another example is peritoneal dialysis, where a special fluid is put into the person’s belly to help clean their blood. So, dialysis is like a superhero for people with kidney problems, helping them stay healthy and strong!