Really Dumb



E=MC² is a mathematical formula that shows how energy and mass are related. It tells us that energy (E) and mass (m) are related and can be converted into one another. The “C” stands for the speed of light, which is a very fast speed. Let’s say you have a block of ice. The ice has a certain amount of mass, but it doesn’t have any energy. If you put the ice in the sun, the heat energy from the sun will cause the ice to melt and turn into water. Even though it looks like the same amount of stuff, the water has more energy than the ice did. That’s because it took energy from the sun to turn the ice into water. E=MC² shows us that mass and energy are related. To make the ice into water, we had to give it energy. That’s why the equation includes the speed of light (C). In order for mass to be converted into energy, it has to move at the speed of light. Fun Fact: The famous scientist Albert Einstein came up with the equation E=MC². He also came up with the theory of relativity which explains how space and time are connected.