difference between web server and apllication in tabular format.


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difference between web server and apllication in tabular format.
Web Server vs Application | Web Server | Application | | ———–| ————| | A web server is a software program that serves web pages to users on the internet. It receives requests from clients (such as web browsers) and sends back responses containing the requested web page. | An application is a software program designed to perform specific tasks or functions, such as word processing, gaming, or video editing. It runs on a computer or mobile device and interacts directly with the user. | | Example: Apache, Nginx | Example: Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop | | Stat: As of 2020, Apache is the most widely used web server software, powering over 40% of websites on the internet. | Stat: Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing application, with over 1 billion users worldwide. | | Analogy: A web server is like a waiter in a restaurant, taking orders from customers (clients) and serving them the requested dishes (web pages). | Analogy: An application is like a toolbox, with each tool serving a specific purpose (function) for the user. | | Verifiable Fact: The first web server was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990, laying the foundation for the World Wide Web as we know it today. |