Diesel locomotive penis size


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Diesel locomotive penis size
A diesel locomotive is a type of train engine that uses diesel fuel to power it. It is usually much bigger than regular train engines. Diesel locomotives come in a variety of sizes, but the size of the locomotive is usually measured by its “horsepower”. Horsepower basically means how powerful the engine is. The bigger the horsepower, the bigger the locomotive. Diesel locomotive penis size is an expression that can help explain how powerful a locomotive is. The bigger the penis size, the more powerful the locomotive is. This is because the bigger the penis size means the bigger the horsepower, and the bigger the horsepower means the bigger the locomotive. An example of this is a diesel locomotive with a horsepower of 6,000. This locomotive would have a “penis size” of 6,000. This means that it is much bigger than a locomotive with a horsepower of 1,000, which would have a “penis size” of 1,000. Fun Fact: The biggest locomotive ever built had a horsepower of 16,000! This means it had a “penis size” of 16,000!