Data Structures and Algorithms


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Data Structures and Algorithms
Data Structures and Algorithms are ways of organizing data. Data Structures are ways of arranging data so it can be used efficiently. Algorithms are sets of instructions that tell computers how to solve a problem. For example, if you wanted to organize all the books in your room, you could use a data structure like a shelf. The shelf would help you organize the books by size, author, or genre. An algorithm would be like a step-by-step guide to putting the books on the shelf. Stats: Data structures and algorithms are used in many areas of computing. For example, 80% of computer science jobs involve data structures and algorithms. Analogy: Data structures and algorithms are like a jigsaw puzzle. You need to arrange the pieces in the right order to get the full picture. Fun Fact: In the 2016 World Finals of the Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest, the winning team solved 11 out of 12 problems using data structures and algorithms!