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A cow is a large, four-legged, hoofed mammal. They are herbivorous and belong to the family of Bovidae. Cows can weigh up to 1800 lbs and can reach a height of up to 6 feet. They have long horns, a long face, and a large, bulky body covered in a thick coat of fur. Cows are social animals and often live in herds where they are taken care of by a herdsman. Cows have a strict diet of grass, hay, and grains. They are able to digest these foods due to their four-chambered stomachs which help them break down the food and extract the nutrients from it. Cows are essential to many agricultural industries as they provide milk, leather, and meat for humans to use. Their meat is often used as beef and their milk can be used to make products such as cheese, butter, and yogurt. An analogy that could be used to explain cows is that they are like the “workhorses” of the animal kingdom. They provide us with food, leather, and other resources that are necessary for us to survive. Fun Fact: Cows have excellent memories and can remember up to 50 different cows in their herd!