conclusion for my geography project


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conclusion for my geography project
Okay! So, a conclusion for your geography project is like putting a bow on top of a present. It’s where you sum up all the important things you learned and discovered during your project. For example, if your project was about different climates around the world, you could say in your conclusion that you found out that some places are hot all year round, while others have four seasons with snow in the winter. You can also add some facts and statistics to make your conclusion stronger. For instance, you could mention that the hottest place on Earth is Death Valley in California, where the temperature can reach up to 134 degrees Fahrenheit! Just like how you finish a puzzle by putting in the last piece, your conclusion is the final piece of your project that ties everything together. It’s like saying “the end” in a story, but with all the cool facts and information you gathered. So, in conclusion, your geography project taught you a lot about the world and different climates, and you can share that knowledge with others through your awesome conclusion!