Really Dumb



A computer is a piece of technology that can do a lot of amazing things. It is like an electronic brain that can store and process information. It can do calculations, store data, and even create music or videos. For example, it can help you with schoolwork. You can use it to type up a paper or do research on the internet. You can also use it to play games or watch movies. Computers are incredibly powerful. They are able to store and process large amounts of data in seconds. A computer is able to do millions of calculations in a fraction of a second, which is why they are so useful for things like science, engineering, and data analysis. To give you an idea of how powerful computers are, there are about 1 billion trillion calculations a computer can do in one second. That’s about the same as a human being doing one calculation every second for 31 billion years! Fun Fact: The first computer was called the ENIAC and it was created in 1946. It took up an entire room and weighed 30 tons!