Can you explain the French Revolution


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Can you explain the French Revolution
The French Revolution was a time in history when the people of France got really mad at their king and queen for not treating them fairly. They wanted more rights and more say in how their country was run. So they started a big protest and eventually overthrew the king and queen. One example of this is when the people stormed the Bastille, a big prison in Paris, to show that they were serious about making changes. Another example is when they created a new government called the National Assembly to make new laws and give more power to the people. One verifiable fact about the French Revolution is that it lasted from 1789 to 1799, almost 10 years of fighting and changing things in France. An analogy for the French Revolution could be like a big game of tug-of-war, with the people on one side and the king and queen on the other. Eventually, the people pulled harder and won, making big changes in their country.