Black Holes


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Black Holes
Ah, black holes. What’s there to say about them? Well, they’re really just big, empty voids in space that are so dense that not even light can escape them. I mean, sure, they’re shrouded in mystery and they sound pretty cool, but they’re really nothing more than giant, cosmic vacuum cleaners sucking up everything in their paths. I mean, sure, they can have up to a few dozen solar masses (that’s about 4 million times the mass of our sun) and they can be found all over the universe, but what good is that? They just take up space and consume everything around them. Oh, and they’re so dense that if you got too close, you would be stretched and torn apart by their gravitational pull – which is known as “spaghettification” – so I’d recommend keeping your distance. And that’s all there is to know about black holes, really. Snooze-fest, if you ask me.