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Billiards? Oh, you mean that game where you hit a white ball with a stick and then watch it slowly roll around the table until it falls into a pocket? Yeah, that’s really it! It’s a game of strategy, accuracy, and a whole lot of patience. To be successful, you’ll need to develop a good eye for angles and have a steady hand. Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to pot the yellow ball. You’ll have to aim your cue ball at the yellow ball, making sure to hit it at the right angle so it rolls into the pocket. However, the ball might bounce off the side of the table, or hit another ball and change its trajectory. That’s why you need to plan ahead and calculate your shots before you make them. As for stats, the average billiards table is around 9 feet long and 4-5 feet wide. Most professional tournaments are played on a full-size table. The pockets are usually 4-6 inches in diameter, and the balls are usually 2.25 inches in diameter. I guess the fun fact is that billiards is actually an umbrella term for a variety of games, including pool, snooker, and carom. So, if you’re ever feeling creative, you can always mix things up and try out a new game. There’s always something new to learn!