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Best friend
A best friend is someone you can trust, talk to, and have fun with. They are like a family member that you have chosen for yourself. It is someone you can tell all your secrets to and someone you can count on in good times and bad. For example, if you are feeling down and need someone to talk to about it, a best friend is the one you can turn to. If you have a big test coming up and need someone to help you study, your best friend will be there to help you. They will also be there to celebrate with you when you get good grades or other successes! Statistics show that having a best friend can make you happier and healthier. Studies have found that people with best friends have lower levels of depression and anxiety and higher levels of self-esteem. An analogy to explain what a best friend is could be that they are like a warm blanket on a cold night. They are there to comfort you when you need it and make you feel safe. Fun fact: Penguins are very loyal creatures and form strong bonds with their friends. They have been known to search for their best friends for miles, even if they get separated!