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Autocorrelation is like when you see patterns in a row. It’s when something is related to itself over time. For example, if you see a pattern of sunny days followed by rainy days, that’s autocorrelation. Here’s a fun fact: Autocorrelation is commonly used in weather forecasting to predict future weather patterns based on past data. In statistics, autocorrelation is a measure of the correlation between observations of a time series data set that are separated by a specific time lag. For example, if you were tracking the temperature each day for a month, you might notice that the temperature on one day is related to the temperature on the previous day. This is an example of autocorrelation. Think of autocorrelation like playing a game of telephone with yourself. Each message you pass along is related to the one before it, just like each data point in a time series is related to the ones that came before it.