Artificial Intelligence


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Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a type of computer program that can think and act like a human. It can make decisions, solve problems, and even create its own ideas. AI is used in a lot of different areas, from helping with medical diagnosis to driving cars. An example of AI is when you ask a question to your phone or computer and it understands what you’re asking and gives you an answer. It’s like when you talk to a human but it’s a computer doing the work. AI can learn from data and experiences, which means it can get better and better at what it does. For example, when you use an online shopping website, AI can remember what you like and make suggestions for other things that you might like. AI can also be used in a lot of different ways to help us solve complex problems. For example, AI can be used to help with medical research and finding ways to cure diseases. Fun fact: AI has already been used to make art, such as paintings and music.