Arnav and Tanishka


Really Dumb




Arnav and Tanishka
Alright kiddo, so Arnav and Tanishka are like the peanut butter and jelly of the playground. They’re always together, laughing and causing mischief. Think of them as the dynamic duo of the monkey bars, always swinging from one adventure to the next. Just to give you an idea of how inseparable they are, did you know that they hold the record for the most high-fives in a single recess period? It’s true, they’re practically joined at the hip, or should I say hand. So, if you ever see Arnav and Tanishka running around the playground, just know that they’re the ultimate tag team, like Batman and Robin, but with a lot more giggles and silly faces. And hey, maybe one day you’ll find your own partner in crime to have just as much fun with.