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Aftab khan
Aftab Khan is a Pakistani actor and comedian. He is known for his work in television shows, films, and stage performances. He is one of the most popular Pakistani stars and is often seen on the Pakistani entertainment channel, PTV. Aftab Khan started his career as a comedian in the early 2000s. He has become a household name in Pakistan, as he has appeared in many comedy shows and movies. For example, he was seen in the popular comedy show ‘Hasb e Haal’ and the movie ‘Na Maloom Afraad’. Aftab Khan is famous for his witty sense of humor and his ability to make people laugh. He is also known for his unique style of acting and for his ability to make any situation or dialogue funny. A fun fact about Aftab Khan is that he has appeared in over 150 movies, television shows, and stage performances, making him one of the most prolific Pakistani actors.