3. What is the process of archiving in fact-checking?


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3. What is the process of archiving in fact-checking?
Sure! Archiving in fact-checking means saving and storing information so that it can be easily accessed and referred back to in the future. It’s like putting important documents in a folder so you can find them later if you need to. For example, when fact-checkers are researching a claim, they might save screenshots of websites or articles that they use as evidence to support their findings. This way, if someone questions their work, they can show exactly where they got their information from. One verifiable fact is that according to the International Fact-Checking Network, archiving sources is a key part of the fact-checking process to ensure transparency and accountability in journalism. Overall, archiving helps fact-checkers keep track of their sources and evidence, making it easier for them to verify information and debunk misinformation.