Really Dumb



The phrase “think outside the box” means to come up with creative or unconventional solutions to a problem. For example, when trying to build a bridge, instead of using traditional materials like wood or steel, you might use recycled materials like plastic bottles or old tires. Stats can help you understand how often people are able to come up with creative solutions. A 2020 survey found that 65% of people reported they could think outside the box when faced with a problem. Analogies can also help you understand the phrase. Think of the box as a container that limits your ideas to traditional solutions. When you step outside of the box, you can come up with something that nobody has ever thought of before. Fun Fact: “Think outside the box” is often credited to the 9-Dot Puzzle. In the puzzle, the goal is to draw four lines that connect all nine dots without lifting the pencil from the paper. Most people draw the lines inside the box made by the nine dots, but the solution is to think outside the box and draw the lines outside of the dots.