College graduation is the completion of a university degree program which typically requires four years of study. It is a major milestone in a student’s life, as it marks the end of their academic journey and the beginning of a new career path. College graduates often receive a degree in a specific field such as business, engineering, or science. In order to graduate, students must complete required coursework, earn a set number of credits, and pass a final exam in order to receive their diploma. One of the major benefits of college graduation is the increased earning potential it provides. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, college graduates make an average of $1,248 more per week than those without a degree. This is because college graduates often have the skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in their chosen field. College graduates also typically have higher job security than those without a degree, as employers tend to prioritize candidates with a college degree. College graduation also provides a sense of accomplishment and pride. Earning a degree is no small feat, and it takes dedication and hard work to complete a college program. College graduates can be proud of the fact that they have achieved something that many people only dream of. Fun fact: According to the National Center for Education Statistics, over 1.9 million students graduated from college in the United States in 2019.