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The concept of “explain” is the process of making something clear and understandable. It involves breaking down a complex topic into easier to understand parts, providing examples, statistics, and analogies to help explain the concept. For example, if you wanted to explain the concept of gravity, you might start by breaking down the definition of gravity: “Gravity is a natural phenomenon by which all physical bodies attract each other.” Then, you could provide a few examples of how gravity works in everyday life, such as the way objects fall to the ground when dropped and how the moon orbits the Earth. You might also provide some statistics about the force of gravity, such as the fact that the force of gravity on Earth is 10 newtons per kilogram. Finally, you could use an analogy to help explain gravity, such as comparing it to a giant invisible blanket that wraps around the Earth and holds everything in place. Fun Fact: The force of gravity on the moon is only one sixth of what it is on Earth!