هشت منها سه و دو پنجم بعلاوه دو هفتم


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هشت منها سه و دو پنجم بعلاوه دو هفتم
“هشت منها سه و دو پنجم بعلاوه دو هفتم” means “eight minus three and two fifths plus two sevenths” in Persian. Let’s break it down with some examples: – Imagine you have 8 candies, and you give away 3 whole candies and 2/5 of another candy. Then, you receive back 2/7 of a candy. How many candies do you have left? To solve this problem, we first subtract 3 from 8, which leaves us with 5 candies. Then, we need to subtract 2/5 from the remaining 5 candies, which gives us 4 and 3/5 candies. Finally, we add 2/7 of a candy to get our final answer. Verifiable fact: Fractions can be added and subtracted just like whole numbers, but require a bit more attention to detail in order to get the correct answer.