تعریف وُرد


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تعریف وُرد
“تعریف وُرد” means the process of defining a word in the Persian language. It is when we explain the meaning of a word to make sure everyone understands what it means. For example, if someone asks you what the word “خرگوش” means, you can say that it is an animal that hops around and has long ears. This would be a simple way of giving the تعریف وُرد of the word “خرگوش”. Did you know that there are over 100,000 words in the Persian language? That’s a lot of words to define! An analogy to understand تعریف وُرد would be like explaining a game to someone who has never played it before. You would need to describe the rules and objectives of the game so they can understand how to play. Defining a word is similar – you are explaining what the word means so that others can understand it.